The Sindrome

The Sindrome



Creating Art that connects senses – SB

As an artist with synaesthesia, I perceive the world through a multi-sensory kaleidoscope. 


My synaesthesia is a combination of sound and emotion, allowing me to see colors and patterns whenever I listen to music, feel vibrations and emotions.


I believe in creating art that not only engages the senses but also encourages introspection and personal growth. My background in art therapy enables me to infuse my art with deeper layers of meaning and a sense of emotional connection. 


I seamlessly fuse elements of fantasy with reality, blurring the lines between the two while still maintaining a sense of familiarity and connection to the world we live in. 


I work with multiple disciplines and a variety of art mediums in my compositions, believing that each means possesses an authentic essence that helps to punctuate the ideology of the composition in every way.


I describe my whole creative process as “The Sindrome”, where I collectively use the syndromes of my working pattern by studying and experiencing each subject thoroughly. 


My goal is to create art that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has a therapeutic quality that can encourage viewers to reflect on their own emotions and experiences. 


I aim to make something that feels like it is looking at the viewer, making them feel heard.

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